aka Oktoroc

  • I live in Nohr
  • I was born on June 15
  • My occupation is toasting bread
  • I am Male
  • Taiwan stronk!


Yetehka This user is Chinese.
734839 123081847860125 1037531438 n This user is American.
"God bless 'Murica."
Franceball This user is French.
"Hon hon hon, je suis baguette!"
New Yorkball This user is New Yorker.
"I paaked my caa in the yaad."
Socialismball This user is Socialist.
"Left stronk! Remove conservatives!"
Budhismball This user is Buddhist.
"The greatest achievement is selflessness"
Separatismball This user is Separatist.
"Gib Independence!"
Woken up This user is currently Semi–active.
"I have things to do elsewhere"
Ecofriendlinessball This user is Eco-Friendly.
"You must take care of our Earth!"
2-icon0-icon1-icon7-icon This user has been on the Polandball Wiki since 2017
China-iconFrance-icon This user descends from both China and France.
Lazy This user is reeeeally lazy
Le polandball fedora This user sucks at drawing comics.
PRChinaball This user is learning Chinese.
"ni hao"
Spain need work This user is learning Spanish.
China's Nightmare This user recognizes Taiwan as Real China.
Lol This user likes memes.
"o shit waddup!"

list of good countries

Japan-icon Japanball weebs rise up

Taiwan-icon Taiwanball Real china

USA-icon USAball Homeland

Norway-icon Norwayball cool and good


North Korea-icon North Koreaball actually not too bad now

China-icon Chinaball lies and communist propaganda :themadman:

How to Draw

All you do is draw a really, dark gray ball with a little bit of green.


Indonesia-icon StronkBitterGuy hhhh

Special AkkoKun magic weeaboo man

Indonesia-icon Taiwan-icon Eynsixtry We both support Taiwan as True China. We are also both Buddhist!

KingBojan-icon-0 KingBojan Disabled.

Avastri-icon Avastri A good and not bad kebab. He recognizes the Armenian Genocide.

Canadian-USACool-icon(wink) CanadianUSACool 2 This dude is good at art!

Szlachta-icon2 Polish Szlachta Disabled.

Wowntn-icon Wowntn Makes the visas, and is pretty cool overall!

3883484 Minnesotan Mapping VIVE LA FRANCE

PilipinasIslasBall A great artist!

Pomik108 rotation Pomik108 Cool artist dude that makes nice gifs and stuff

Bain-icon BainTheCool Best admin!

Furious Dragon-icon CantoneseDragon We used to be enemies, but we are fellow Cantonese and Buddhists.

Cilindar-icon.png Cilindar A very good artist. Kosovo je srbja!

Jirl124-icon Jirl124 cool guy yes

TRSM-icon TRSM reee

Crev29-icon Crev29 wat

ColdPartisan Meeerko jojo fan

Finns new-icon Finnsball finns is finns

ToonEugen-icon ToonEugen tooneujen

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