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  • My occupation is Undergraduate / Étudiant
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Computer science and mathematics are 10 truly integral parts of life.
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Hi, I am no longer active on this Wiki or its Discord server. I used to be fairly active on this Wiki in the past but I have lost interest in it, mainly due to school and university did I forget to mention how badly it affected my performance in grade 11/year 12. That said I will probably update this page about once or twice a year.

Evidently you can view previous versions of my userpage if you wish.

Drawing Tutorial

To draw me, follow the flowchart below.

Pokegod Drawing Tutorial

Comics I Have Created/Uploaded to Reddit

My career as an r/polandball artist was short-lived, and I am not sure if I can even say I am proud of it.

Title Upload Date
Pink Fluffy Kazakhstan (thread) 1 October 2016
A Two-Sided Discovery (thread) 16 October 2016
Messing with Romania (thread) 12 November 2016

Countries I Have Visited

Up to this point, I have visited a total of 18 countries.

# Country Metropolitan Areas and Major Landmarks Visited Month/Year of First Visit
1 South Korea-iconSouth Koreaball Anyang (place of birth), Seoul1, Jeju, Sejong, Busan, Gyeongju, Sokcho, other places I might have forgotten My birth date (of course!)
2 Singapore-iconTringapore Singapore 2003 (?)
3 Canada-iconCanadaball

3.1 Quebec-iconQuebecball
3.2 Ontario-iconOntarioball

3.1 Montréal 1, Quebec City, Granby, Mont-Tremblant
3.2 Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto, Niagara Falls

3.1 Aug '03
3.2 Circa summer '04

4 USA-iconUSAball

4.1 Vermont-iconVermontball
4.2 New York-iconNew Yorkball
4.3 Illinois-iconIllinoisball
4.4 Florida-iconFloridaball
4.5 California-iconCaliforniaball

4.1 Burlington
4.2 Buffalo, NYC
4.3 Chicago
4.4 Orlando
4.5 San Francisco Bay Area, Monterey (?)

4.1 Circa '04

4.2 Feb '06
4.3 Apr '07
4.4 June '07
4.5 June '13

5 Japan-iconJapanball Osaka July '10
6 France-iconFranceball Paris, Versailles May '11
7 Thailand-iconThailandball Cannot list all; places visited most frequently: Bangkok1, Pattaya, Samut Prakan, Amphawa, Hua Hin/Cha Am, Chiang Mai Oct '11
8 Hong Kong-iconHong Kongball Hong Kong (both transfer and official) Apr '12 (transfer), Nov '13 (official)
9 Malaysia-iconMalaysiaball Kuala Lumpur Dec '14
10 Uzbek-iconUzbekistanball Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara Apr '15
11 Cambodia-iconCambodiaball Siem Reap Oct '15
12 Nepal-iconNepalRawr (FUN FACT: That is where I was the week prior to joining Wikia/Fandom :3) Nagarkot, Kathmandu Apr '16
13 Vietnam-iconVietnamball Hanoi, Ha Long Feb '17
14 Netherlands-iconNetherlandsball Amsterdam Apr '17
15 Belgium-iconBelgiumball Bruges Apr '17
16 Sri Lanka-iconSri Lankaball Colombo, Galle, Kandy July '17
17 Taiwan-iconTaiwanball Taipei and vicinity (both transfer and official) Oct '17 (transfer), Dec '18 (official)
18 UK-iconUKball

18.1 England-iconEnglandball

18.1 London, Stonehenge, Bath, Oxford 18.1 Feb '19
19 Germany-iconGermanyball
Hamburg, Lübeck Dec '19

1 Former place of residence, for a duration of 12 months or longer

In addition to the above table, I visited some places exclusively for transfer.

Country Cities and/or towns Month/Year of First Visit
Canada-iconCanadaball (British Columbia-iconBritish Columbiaball) Vancouver August 2003

A. Michigan-iconMichigancube
B. Ohio-iconOhioRawr

A. Detroit
B. Cleveland (extremely briefly)

A. June '10
B. July '10

Japan-iconJapanball Tokyo Oct '11
China-iconChinaball Beijing Dec '15

Countries I Would Like to (Officially) Visit Someday

Numerous EU-iconEuropean countries, notably:

















Bosnia-iconBosnia and Herzegovinaball







And quite a few Asian countries too:

Kazakhstan-iconKyrgyz-iconTurkmen-iconTajik-iconThe remainder of Central Asia









Iran-iconIranball (I would rather go there than to North Koreaball)



Saudi Arabia-iconSaudi Arabiaball






South Africa-iconSouth Africaball


New Zealand-iconNew Zealandball






Colombia-iconColombiaball (eventually the violence will clear up some day…)







During my time on this Wiki I drew many images to replace images violating r/polandball rules and created pages, many of which on Canadian cities.

Images Created

Here are some images I have created and uploaded to this Wiki.

Pages Created

No. Title Date of Creation
1 Batmanball (Turkey) 22 July 2016
2 Trois-Rivièresball 23 July 2016
3 Longueuilball 24 July 2016
4 Sherbrookeball 26 July 2016
5 Monctonball 31 July 2016
6 Frederictonball 2 August 2016
7 Charlottetownball 3 August 2016
8 Londonball (Ontario) 6 August 2016
9 Greater Sudburyball 10 August 2016
10 Thunder Bayball 12 August 2016
11 Markhamball (Ontario) 13 August 2016
12 Drummondvilleball 14 August 2016
13 Estevanball 19 August 2016
14 Medicine Hatball 27 August 2016
15 Victoriaball (British Columbia) 10 September 2016
16 Whitehorseball (Yukon) 17 September 2016
17 Yellowknifeball 14 October 2016
18 Waterlooball (Ontario) 27 May 2018


These are simply images that I drew for non-formal purposes or for special occasions such as celebrations; in other words, these images would not go on the main Wikispace.

Images of Myself

And finally, here are some images of the previous version of my avatar.

Suggestions for Pages to Create

I had promised this Wiki these pages but never created them; you are therefore more than welcome to create them for me and thank you very much.


  • Surpass 1 000 edits - by November 2016 ACHIEVED! (18 September 2016)
  • Obtain the Addicted (100 days) badge - by October 2016 ACHIEVED! (15 October 2016)
  • Create 25 pages - by December 2016 Failed, never going to happen XD
  • Score 19th or higher on the leaderboard - by February 2017 Failed, also never going to happen XD

My life goal right now, other than earning my university degree, is to go to Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

Trivia and Miscellaneous

Ten Fun Facts About Me

  • Though I have never been to Central or South America, Africa, or Australia/Oceania before (in fact I have never even been below the equator), I do hope to visit them someday (at different times of course).
  • My personal best for solving a Rubik's Cube is 18.47 seconds (3 June 2017).
  • When I was very young, I watched Family Guy unaware that it was rated 14+.
  • I used to be a Brony from 2015-18. I 85% gave up MLP afterwards.
  • My very first Pokemon game is Pokemon LeafGreen.
  • The first programming language I ever learned was Java. (*If Scratch counts as a programming language then Scratch was my first programming language.)
  • I do not really care about Star Wars, except for the memes. Neither does my family.
  • I have cockroach phobia, which unfortunately appears to have evolved into PTSD. Please do not ask.
  • I am allergic to cats. It only takes less than five minutes for me to start sneezing and having a runny nose in a room full of cats.
  • I am autistic. Just treat me normally please…

Name in Other Languages

Language Family Language Name
Altaic1, Mongolic Mongolian Покебурхан
Altaic, Turkic Bashkir Покехоҙай
Altaic, Turkic Kazakh Покеқұдай
Altaic, Turkic Kyrgyz Покекудай
Altaic, Turkic Tatar Покеходай
Altaic, Turkic Turkish Poketanrı
Altaic, Turkic Turkmen Pokehudaý
Altaic, Turkic Uyghur پوكېتەڭرى
Altaic, Turkic Uzbek Pokexudo
Afro-Asiatic Arabic بوكيغود
Afro-Asiatic Hebrew פוקיאלוהים
Austroasiatic Vietnamese Thần Pokemon
Austronesian Malaysian Poketuhan
Austronesian Tagalog Pokemaykapal
Auxiliary Language Esperanto Pokedio
Indo-European, Baltic Latvian Pokedievs
Indo-European, Baltic Lithuanian Pokedievas
Indo-European, Celtic Breton Pokedoue
Indo-European, Celtic Cornish Pokeduw
Indo-European, Celtic Irish Pokedia, Pocedia
Indo-European, Celtic Manx Pokejee
Indo-European, Celtic Scottish Gaelic Pokedia
Indo-European, Celtic Welsh Pokeduw, Poceduw
Indo-European, Germanic Afrikaans Pokegod
Indo-European, Germanic Alsatian Pokegot
Indo-European, Germanic Danish Pokegud
Indo-European, Germanic Dutch Pokegod
Indo-European, Germanic Faroese Pokegud
Indo-European, Germanic Flemish Pokegod
Indo-European, Germanic Frisian Pokegod
Indo-European, Germanic German Pokegott
Indo-European, Germanic Icelandic Pokeguð
Indo-European, Germanic Luxembourgish Pokegott
Indo-European, Germanic Norwegian Pokegud
Indo-European, Germanic Swedish Pokegut
Indo-European, Indo-Aryan Hindi पोकेपरमेश्वर
Indo-European, Indo-Aryan Urdu پوکیخدا
Indo-European, Iranian Ossetian Покехуыцау
Indo-European, Iranian Persian/Farsi پوکخدا
Indo-European, Iranian Tajik Покехудо
Indo-European, isolate Albanian Pokezot
Indo-European, isolate Greek Ποκεθεός
Indo-European, Romance/Latin Catalan Poke Déu, Poque Déu
Indo-European, Romance/Latin Corsican Poke Diu, Poche Diu
Indo-European, Romance/Latin French Poké Dieu
Indo-European, Romance/Latin Galician Poke Deus, Poque Deus
Indo-European, Romance/Latin Italian Poke Dio, Poche Dio
Indo-European, Romance/Latin Latin Pokedeus
Indo-European, Romance/Latin Neapolitan Poke Diu, Poche Diu
Indo-European, Romance/Latin Occitan Poke Diu, Poque Diu
Indo-European, Romance/Latin Portuguese Poke Deus, Poque Deus
Indo-European, Romance/Latin Provençal Poke Diéu
Indo-European, Romance/Latin Romanian Poke Dumnezeu, Poche Dumnezeu
Indo-European, Romance/Latin Sicilian Poke Diu, Poche Diu
Indo-European, Romance/Latin Spanish Poke Dios, Poque Dios
Indo-European, Romance/Latin Walloon Poke Dieu, Poke Diè, Poke Diu
Indo-European, Slavic Belarusian Пакебог
Indo-European, Slavic Bulgarian Покебог
Indo-European, Slavic Czech Pokébůh
Indo-European, Slavic Macedonian Покебог
Indo-European, Slavic Polish Pokebóg
Indo-European, Slavic Russian Покебог
Indo-European, Slavic Serbo-Croatian Pokebog/Покебог
Indo-European, Slavic Slovak Pokeboh
Indo-European, Slavic Slovene/Slovenian Pokebog
Indo-European, Slavic Ukrainian Покебог
Language isolate Basque Pokejainkoa
Niger-Congo Wolof Pokeyàalla
Quechuan Quechua Pokepachamac
Sino-Tibetan Chinese (Simplified) 宠物小精灵神
Sino-Tibetan Chinese (Traditional) 寵物小精靈神
Tai-Kadai Thai พระเจ้าโปเกมอน
Uralic Estonian Pokejumal
Uralic Finnish Pokejumala
Uralic Hungarian Pokeisten
Uralic Sami Pokeipmil
Uto-Aztecan Nahuatl Poketeotl
Unknown, possibly Altaic Japanese ポケゴド (transliteration)
Unknown, possibly Altaic Korean 포케가드 (transliteration)

Dialects and varieties are in italics

1 Whether the Mongolic languages are Altaic or not is currently disputed

Did I make a mistake? Did I forget your language? Is there a language you would like to see up there? You are always welcome to help me expand the list. Just leave a message in my pigeon hole but please do not edit this page directly! WE ARE NOT STOPPING UNTIL WE HAVE EVERY SINGLE LANGUAGE IN EXISTENCE!!! Scratch that, I am no longer around.

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