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'''''This user is inactive.'''''
{| style="border: 2px ridge blue; -moz-border-radius: 10px; width: 100%" align="center"
| rowspan="2" width="45px" align="center" style="padding: 5px;" |[[File:PolandballWikiaAmboxCredibility.png|70px]]
|<font size="3">'''Welcome to Procimus-Fantastic's-Earthling's Userpage'''</font>
|<font size="2">Welcome to [[File:Procimus-icon (Top Hat).png]][[User:Procimus|Procimus]]'s Userpage <br /> Have fun exploring? Leave questions and messages in the [[Message wall:Procimus|Message wall]].
{{Infobox user
|name=<div style="position: relative; -webkit-transform: rotate(6deg)"><font size="5"> '''{{I|Procimus}}Procimus [[File:Fantastic-icon.png|thumb]]'''</font></div>
ProcimusCard.png|Polandball Olympics
Procimusball.png|me by Pomik108
File:Procimus-picture.png|Me by Ethan2002
File:Pballmain.png|I don't remember who made it,probably [[User:FIFAadmin]]
|personality=Crazy,sometimes immature
|gender=heterosexual {{I|Male}}male
|nationality={{I|Greece}} Greek
|language={{I|Greece}}Greek(native)<br>{{I|English}}English<br>{{I|Spanish}}Spanish (some words), {{I|German}} (Learning), {{I|French}} French (some words), {{I|Albania}} Albanian (Terrible), {{I|Italy}} Italian (a bit)
|religion={{I|Orthodoxy}} {{I|Christianity}} Christian Orthodox
|friends= [[User:Procimus#Relations_with_other_Users]]
|Born=20th April
Hello,I am Procimus. My old account is and I do not use it anymore. I am the founder of .
{{Userbox main|bgcolor = Cyan|image =China's Nightmare.png |textcolor = Red|quote = |info = This user recognizes [[Taiwanball|Taiwan]] as Real China.}}
{{Userbox main|bgcolor = Black|image = Lol.jpg|textcolor = gray|quote = o shit waddup!|info = This user likes memes.}}

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This user is inactive.

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