aka Severin

  • I live in Michigan, USA
  • I was born on February 15
  • My occupation is going to school
  • I am a cat
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Hello! (´・ω・`)
Hi there! Welcome to my profile page. I'm Kawaii-Greenland-icon RedLightningStrike! I'm not as active on this wiki anymore, but I'll respond to any messages you send to me. All the artwork I've drawn is in my gallery tab. I am learning Japanese, Spanish, Swedish, and Italian. I really like Greenland, cats, and Japan. My avatar is a kawaii version of Greenland. I'll add you to my friends list if you ask.

My Favorite Places

  • Japan-icon Japan - My favorite country. I really love the culture, language, people, and history, and wish to go or live there. I would love to see Tokyo-icon Tokyo.
  • Greenland-icon Greenland - My favorite territory. I'd like to visit Nuuk-icon Nuuk someday.
  • Canada-icon Canada - Country that's next to mine. I like their cold weather and politeness.
  • Nicaragua-icon Nicaragua - ♩ ¡Es Nicaragua! ¡Capital es Managua-icon Managua! ¡Tienen el agua en Lago Nicaragua! ♩
  • Peru-icon Peru - Nice country in South America.
  • France-icon France - Also cool. I'd like to see Paris-icon Paris. Nice bread too.
  • Italy-icon Italy - Pasta pizza mama mia!
  • Spain-icon Spain - Great place for Spanish-icon Spanish learners and has pretty culture.
  • Sweden-icon Sweden - Jim Yosef, my favorite DJ, lives there. I like the country a lot.
  • Finland-icon Finland - I'm part Finnish and it's a cool place. Aland-icon
  • Nigeria-icon Nigeria - Rich country in African Union-icon Africa. Has issues but pretty urban and cool.
  • Ethiopia-icon Ethiopia - One of two countries in African Union-icon Africa not colonized, and is developing quickly.
  • Kenya-icon Kenya - Cool animals and sunsets.
  • Taiwan-icon Taiwan - Good democratic China. Real government of China, not those commies.
  • Mongolia-icon Mongolia - Please keep your culture, language, and heritage! I support the traditional Mongolian script instead of Cyrillic.
  • Thailand-icon Thailand - I like your food and culture.
  • Siberia-icon Siberia - Not a country yet, but I really like the place and hope it gets independent more developed

My Least Favorite Places

  • North Korea-icon North Korea - Starves its own people, has no rights or freedom, leader is a dictator.
  • China-icon China - Communist China where you have no rights
  • ISIS-icon ISIS, Taliban-icon Taliban, Al-Qaeda-icon Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram-icon Boko Haram, Al-Nusra-icon Al-Nusra - Evil terrorists
  • Serbia-icon Serbia - Country that won't stop bothering Kosovo-icon Kosovo and won't recognize him and is narcissistic.
  • Azerbaijan-icon Azerbaijan - Mean to Armenia, oppresses Artsakh-icon Artsakh, and denies the Armenian genocide because they love Turkey-icon Turkey so much

Wikis I'm On

My Community Central profile is here.

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These are all the digital artworks I've done for Polandball!


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What I Think of Countries

Please don't take this personally.

RLS Dream China

How I want China to be

RLS Europe

How I want Europe to be

  • Michigan-icon Michigan should be a ball, not a cube. They only have a small Jewish minority, so why represent every Michigander as Jewish? In that sense, Russia-icon Russiaball should be a cube too since they have a Jewish Autonomous Oblast.
  • Ireland-icon and Northern Ireland-icon should be reunited.
  • ISIS-icon ISISball, Taliban-icon Talibanball,Al-Qaeda-icon, Al-Qaedaball, Boko Haram-icon Boko Haramball, and all terrorist groups should all be destroyed.
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