aka get drunk illegal

  • I live in North Korea
  • My occupation is ...
  • I am A Basement Dweller with 6000 diplomas

Well hello there. Im SerbianFoamer. Looks like you came across my profile. Im some dumbfuck slavic railfan from michigan. Of course, i like trains. Ive been around for about 2 years now, and im the last veteran on this damm wiki. (back then i was a cringy asshole who would make the chat turn into a huge shitstain.

How to gain art/icons

not the best at arts, but my icons are god-teir. Just ask me in the message wall. im not always active, so dont be impatient,

Are You TheBowlOfBeshbarmak?

Yes i am. You can shut up about it.

Why Did You Get Rid Of Frankogermania?

  1. I identify as more slavic nowadays.
  2. Frankogermania represents my cringe past, and overall it was a stupid countryball.


Remove kebab Serbiaball This user is Serbian.
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"God bless 'Murica."
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WeWuzKangz This user is Sudanese.
"Camel escaping agains..."
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"Слава Україні!"
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"O kurwa!"
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"Can into Russia, plox? also no ask for potat."
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"Radicalism is Anti-Democratic!"
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"Have mercy right-wing populists!!!"
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"There is no God."
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"Shqip shqip"
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"Better Dead Than Red!"
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"GE Sucks lol"
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