New shkai ball

Shakira is showing his Haitian pride

"We're all people. Judgement is hypocritical"


open-minded and doesn't like when people hate others for race, religion, and sexuality


  • Black - my awesome Somali friend
  • Terrr - friend that likes kebab and map games
  • Redride - awesome friend, one of the first people I met
  • KRQC - guy I steal chocolate milk off of MUHAHAHA
  • Kymi - she's cool and she draws really nicely
  • Chinaball - you have nice walls and stuff, but why you pet me so much


"ooga booga booga" said as an introduction

"by bye" said when he leaves

"hug?" said when he wants a hug

"gib chocolate milk plox" said when he wants chocolate milk

"ooooooooooooh" said when someone gets in trouble

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