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  • I live in Canada, but ich bin moving to somewhere in Deutschland soon :O
  • My occupation is just having a good time
  • I am the Senate

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Click here to read through my message wall, you stalker.

Remember kids, It isn't incest if it's your eighth cousin!

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oh yeah i speak english uhhh thats a language right
TGC-icon TGC

Welcome or somethin'

Hey, how's it going! I'm formally TGC. ...As long as you're here, I guess I'll talk about myself, eh? I'm Scottish and German (granted, you may have guessed that) and I like drawing stuff. All of the images on my profile are mostly chronological to show no bias.

If you want to see my art, click here!

Bacteriophages are cool as heck

Stuff you should probably know

I probably won't accept your friend request if you have nothing on my profile that I can use to learn more about you as a person.

I can tolerate authlefts if they're not up in my face about it. If you're authleft and reading this, please don't bring up anything about East Germany. Understood?

I'm kinda lost in a time I never lived in. Specifically, Prussia during its height. though i have prussian blood so...

I can be nationalistic over Scotland.

German Empire-iconKingdom of Scotland-icon Why am I here? Germany-iconScotland-icon 

I have no idea! I contribute to grammar sometimes, making it neater, somewhat!

Have a good day!

Kingdom of Prussia-iconGaul-icon Political stuff about me + opinions (more in-depth than my infobox) German Empire-iconKingdom of Scotland-icon 

If I had to choose, I'm a monarchist. Wow! Though I have a few apolitical tendencies so like... label me as monarchist or capitalist/apolitical and I'd agree. It's a mix between "Who cares?" and "honestly monarchy is cool."  I hate authleftism though.

Kingdom of Prussia-iconGaul-icon Recognition things HRE-icon2-icon

Kosovo-icon - Independent, if it were not independent it would be part of Albania.

Palestine-icon Israel-icon - Both independent lads, however, Israel's claim of independence is slightly more legit. You both suck.

Scotland-icon - Honestly should be independent. Saying this from a nationalistic perspective. Saor Alba!

Sealand-icon - real, obviously >:( 

Artsakh-icon - If it wants to be Armenian, it can.

South Ossetia-icon Abkhazia-icon - I really don't care about you two, do whatever. Russia's probably using you for extra land. Be careful, m'kay?

Russia-iconCrimea-iconUkraine-icon - Switzerland-icon it's actually ukrainian but who cares

Anything Spanish - I don't care, do whatever. Catalonia should be given higher autonomy and Basque isn't real.

UK-icon - I don't have any issues with it as a whole, I just feel like it would be better off split. It's already becoming slowly less internally stable. Saor Alba! Aye, Ye'r mingin'. Gang die.

Northern Ireland-icon - If the UK splits, it should join Ireland. 

Anything Canadian - Go on and get. Please, you're better than this. Specifically you, Wexit.

Falklands-icon - British. Those Argentine claimers have no reason to own it. In fact, the population doesn't want to be Argentine.

Transnistria-iconMoldova-icon - You're both Romanian, aha. Go on, declare it already.

County of Tyrol-icon - You're completely Austrian. Byz doesn't know what I'm talking about. höhöhö

British Hong Kong-icon - Either Taiwanese or British. The reason I think this is that since Qing fell, the treaty the Brits had with Qing would technically become invalid, as Qing no longer exists. Even if the treaty still lasted, the Republic of China never officially fell, making it Taiwanese.

Armenian Genocide happened

Anything else - Switzerland-icon

amigos (but actually this time)

All of this is ever since I became TGC, mostly. Chronological, too.

Bro Code

NotFunnyChan69-icon Not Funny - She's a member of the Bro Code. Quite nice of a person, and a brilliant artist. Es lebe Kolumbien! but you aren't funny apparently so uhhhh...

Switz1815-icon Switz - Fellow founding member of the Bro Code. We talk fairly often. I suspect you're going to kill me someday though. But for now, we're good buds.

Byz-icon a nerd Byz - Amico Italiano who is part of Alberta-icon WEXITGANG, Texas-icon TEXITGANG, and Scotland-icon SCEXITGANG. As you asked, Estonia says "hi" back. Deus vult, amice!

HerrSpiridus-icon Nash - VERY cool countryball, mate. He's from a country that supposedly doesn't exist. But he certainly does. If he happens to kill me as well, that's gonna be bad

Srpska Republic-icon KiK - wait you're not Kosovar? oh well. welcome to the bro code, you cabbage

Ivih-icon Ivih - Argentine friend, part of EYEPATCH GXNG! I have absolutely NO idea what to put here :D

Avryl - Xe's epic, if I do say so myself. Fellow Bro Coder and mod.

Rest of the honourary nerds

CSP/Ryan - Very good amigo! We both tell jokes the other person doesn't get in our conversations. Filipino who doesn't have too much Pinoy Pride.

Caio11112-icon Caio11112 - Helped on the search for why the fuck MMG was like that and is the reason I'm a Cuban General? And a member of the Ivorian Republica- ...Where are you getting this from? Good amigo though.

NATO romketa-icon Romketa - Amigo who I disagree with politically. Of course, I respect his viewpoint but dear gosh please don't turn out to just be almost exactly like MMG.

Shanguy400 1V-icon Shanediting rival and เพื่อนไท! (apologies if I butchered that) We both edit a bit too much and etc etc. Really cool guy.

QEDAguy-icon Key Lime Pie - He's chill. please help i'm locked in his basement this is my only means of escape. Fellow monarchist but i recognize Kosovo, which is epic.

GianluZ-icon GianluZ - Ayyy! Er liebt Deutschland zu! Yeah he's a cool fellow.

ChineseSocialist-icon ChineseSocialist - He's a tankie, yes, however politics aside he's quite a nice guy. You do you, amigo.

PrototypeRussia-icon Prototype Russia - Russian comrade. He's cool.

XerosPlex-icon XerosPlex - We talk politics quite a lot. He brings up quite a few good points.

ZARGH-icon Zargh - The Zargh Algeria man. I disagree with him politically however he's a nice guy and we talk politics a fair amount.

Gatoricon Gator - Indonesian friend! Quite the good artist, and rival during the Official Yet Unlicensed Polandball Wiki Art Contest. Yeah he's cool

JugoslavFloor-icon Floor - I'm running out of ideas to put here lmao but he's a cool fella ja.

Probably more tbh I'm forgetting. Just ask and I'll probably be your amigo.

Flag colours

Main Colours

dark grey (36,36,36) i don't feel like finding out, sorry. #242424
light grey (201,201,201) see above #c9c9c9

Emblem Colours

Dark Red (140,52,52) see above chart #8c3434
Dark Yellow-ish (218,208,94) you get the point #dad05e
Red (236,78,78) mayonnaise #ec4e4e
very dark yellow Ö (162,154,67) aaa #a29a43

Evil Version, main colours

Gray 87, 87, 87 0,0,0,66 #575757

Evil Version, Emblem Colours

some light gray ig 158, 158, 158 0,0,0,38 #9e9e9e
very light gray 244,244,244 0,0,0,4 #f4f4f4
orange 244,177,55 0,27,77,4 #f4b137
Red 255,9,0 0,96,96,0 #ff0909
green 49,180,26 73,0,86,29 #31b41a

Gallery of other people's art of me


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Yugoslav was a half-joke 

yes I don't like Canada, I want to head back to Germany

Stuff that I don't feel like putting elsewhere



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