aka I'm desperate

  • I live in Bengal Sultanate
  • My occupation is Ruler of Bengal
  • I am Male


About meh

Like I said, I AM GONE

UTrengal-icon Ultimate Form UTrengal-icon

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Flag Colors

White 255,255,255 N/A #FFFFFF
Red 255,0,0 C0-M100-Y100-K0 #FF0000
Japanese Laurel 2,128,2 C73-M26-Y100-K16 #028002
Deep Lemon 217,0,18 C0-M.694-Y0-K0 #FFD520

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I put this song here cuz it's Glorious

The only time parappa raps in the entire anime but read the description

The only time parappa raps in the entire anime but read the description

New-Friend-icon Original - Credit to FriedWAffles for making it.

Trengal-icon (Tangle) Tangle - Credit to Crev for making it.

UltraTrengal-icon My ultimate form (.gif) - Made by me

UTrengal-icon My ultimate form (.png) - Made by me

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Bangladesh This user is Bangladeshi.
"Am not Japan!"
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"Gib Independence!"
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"Not Japan! I am the ultimate Bengal Empire!"

  • I like a lot of games. However, my most favorite ones are:
    • Sonic
    • PaRappa
    • Mario
    • Bendy
  • I wear glasses irl
  • I live in a suburban area
  • The only thing I eat for lunch is rice
  • I learned multiplication when I was in kindergarten
  • I was a late speaker. I learned how to speak when I was 4.
  • I am VERY sensitive. In real life though, not in the Wiki.

FriedWAffles-icon-(Rotation) FriedWAffles - A friend who I work with not only on THIS wiki, but other Wikis as well. But as of now, he's globalled. Rip I guess.

Crev29-icon Crev29 - Another friend. He fixes a few stuff on my profile.

Mocha tea-icon Mocha tea - I let her look at the source of my user profile so she can make an infobox on her user profile.

LoveSeal990-icon LoveSeal990 - Userball? UserWAND. He used to be a SVSTFoE fan (which is why his pfp is a wand). Since I used to watch it (and still watch it a bit now) I asked if I could be his friend.

JellocityBrickHat-Icon Jellocity - He's a good friend. He added me in his group drawing

Aaxelpediaa-icon Aaxelpediaa - He's friends with EVERYONE. He's friends with all countryballs in the Polandball Universe and has no enemies. That's quite an accomplishment.

AngelCM-icon AngelChavezMartinez - This guy wasn't noticed by other users for a long time, until now. A user named CastleFort1 was the first person to notice him. So, I decided to gen friends with him.

7-icon Kuranni - South American Muslim friend. I'm also his first friend.

Chester123569hat-icon Chester123569 - He requested to be my friend.

Chamomilez-icon Chamomilez - She's a really talented artist. She made a really great drawing of me.

KSD45-icon KiwiSpottingDinosaur45 - A guy I found on chat. He's pretty cool.

The Rich Fan-icon The Rich Fan - Fellow South Asian friend.

Andrew Do-icon Andrew Do - A friend of mine who is also an admin on Toxic Fandoms and Hatedoms Wiki (a good Wiki you should check out).

FLAH-icon FLAH!2.0 - He requested to be my friend. I'm also his first Bengali friend.

Cilindar-icon.png Cilindar - Epic Serbian $***poster. I am very sorry that your pet cat, Felix, died.

SoupmanByLoganball-icon UltraSuperman - Like FLAH, he requested to be my friend. He's a chill guy.

Chinese-american-empire-icon Chinese-American Empire (or C.A.E) - He's friends with me since I'm also friends with his friend FriedWAffles. He's also good at flag making.


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