aka qwq

  • I live in burezil
  • I was born on January 6
  • My occupation is lay on a bed
  • I am yes please

Welcome to my profile.

you must already know about me, i do good art stuff, and im mostly dead on this wiki :/

YuhBRO-icon This user is Fancy and Huetard
HUEHUEHUEball This user is Brazilian.
Polandball Cup Trophy This user has won the first Edition of the Polandball Cup as Morocco!
"The best Polandball artist in the world!"

About me.

i can draw stuff, you can request me anything you want if i have some time.


i just do good arts so why would i be relevant?

ok i'm kind of known in this wikia already because of my art but idk now :p

Rly cool thing

Art17.png iTS A PRIZE :OOOO lookIT

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