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Del138 Nathan : First Friend i've been Meet Since i started my PBW life, He also taking care of me ^_^.
OptimusPrime33-icon Optimus Prime - Autobots! Let's Go!.
Venus-icon Caio11112 : Fellow Socialist Friend.
GianluZ-icon GianluZ : Nice and Gentle Friend.
Gatoricon Gator Von : I'm his first Friend.
Orange-icon Mebroukyessad : Fellow Algerian Friend.
CuteSushiPizza-icon CuteSushiPizza :
XerosPlex-icon XerosPlex : Quite a nice guy, we politically agree, I spend much times with him
Lumi-icon Lumi : Very shy guy, I don't know how to describe him
Lebanonball : we became friends cuz why not.
Enomretry-icon Enom :
Hungary-icon HungarianMapper17 : Hope he will become active again.
Romketa-icon Romketa : we politically agree with each other, but get rid of Communism, it is trash!
ShanGuy400-icon Shan :
TurkeyCube-icon MMG&GS : Idk
Earth-icon Batuhan :
TGC-icon TGC : though we politically disagree, however, We often chat with each other, quite a nice guy, Deutschland über alles!

Woken up This user is currently Semi–active.
"I have things to do elsewhere"
855C54B7-9A22-4FD6-BEB2-7620A6E823EB This user is Algerian.
"Al-Djazair stronk"
Socialismball This user is Socialist.
"Left stronk! Remove conservatives!"
Nationalismball This user is Nationalist.
"Long live our nation and homeland!"
2-icon0-icon1-icon8-icon This user has been on the Polandball Wiki since 2018
Islam ball This user is Muslim.
"In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Compassionate"
This user is Male.
Islamic Socialist This user is Islamic Socialist
"Long live the Islamic left!"
Hetero This user is heterosexual.
"I like my opposite sex."
Xilai This user is Anticapitalist.
"Better dead than American puppet!"




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