aka Zargh

  • I live in Algeria
  • I was born on October 16
  • I am Male

idk what to put here
i have 3852 edits now

United Patriots-icon THE UNITED PATRIOTS United Patriots-icon:
NeyaAmhed-icon Number1Dfan : Quite a nice Ethiopian Girl, We politically agree sometimes, but we enjoy playing pixelplace and roleplaying a lot of times :).
Peanutbutter6790-icon Peanutbutter :
Mtcat101-icon-blink Mtcat : Agree
TriangleAlliance-icon TriangleAlliance :
Bouncyy(1) Bouncyy : if you're interested in the Algerian culture, you'll have to take a look at the people, they're quite nice (i wont explain this much cuz this will be very long), a Chinese-Canadian guy who's interested in everything about life, i hope you sucess in your career mate 👍
Carlo-icon Carlo : Your mom gayball
CuteSushiPizza-icon CuteSushiPizza : Here have Some Cookies 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪 :DDDDDDD
ChineseSocialist 1-icon ChineseSocialist :
Ross Dependency-icon Ross :
Dark Sonic 14 real-icon Dark Sonic :
UltraSuperman-icon Ultra :
Orlando-icon Justin :
TGC-icon TGC : though we politically disagree, however, We often chat with each other, quite a nice guy, Deutschland über alles!
BlueLightning127-icon Marcus :
Gunnar-icon Gunnar:
OptimusPrime33-icon Optimus Prime - Autobots! Let's Go!.
Theamazingsomaliaball-icon Somaliaball :
In Break:
Peanutbutter6790-icon Peanutbutter :

Venus-icon Caio11112 : Fellow Socialist Friend.
GianluZ-icon GianluZ : Nice and Gentle Friend.
Gatoricon Gator Von : I'm his first Friend.
Orange-icon Mebroukyessad : Fellow Algerian Friend.
XerosPlex-icon XerosPlex : Quite a nice guy, we politically agree, I spend much times with him
Lumi-icon Lumi : Very shy guy, I don't know how to describe him
Lebanonball : we became friends cuz why not.
Enomretry-icon Enom : Turkic Brother, Currently He is not Active, When will you be back?
Hungary-icon HungarianMapper17 : Hope he will become active again.
Romketa-icon Romketa : we politically agree with each other, but get rid of Communism, it is trash!
ShanGuy400-icon Shan :
Wowntn-gun Wowntn :
DevilishCookie-icon DevilishCookie:
JugoslavFloor-icon Jugoslav :
HerrSpiridus-icon Nash :
Bomelm-icon Bomelm :

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