I quit. And no this isn't one of those blog posts were I claim I quit and then come back 1 day later. I'm serious, this has been getting insane.

The false reporting has gotten way out of hand. The first victim of it was FezKebab, although because of Nazism we can see why, and as that is not allowed. And Ditto said something about his global too, but my global? A permanent one giving no warning, or reminder. And yet the false reporter is still hidden. A more recent victim is Superpea9013, who also has the false reporter hidden. So you can permanent global other users just by reporting, and they give you no chance. Tazenio said he did it but we're not quit sure yet. They also disabled OfficialAussieMapper for an unknown reason.

Next up is the annoying people that always come to this wiki, and their only purpose of being here is insulting other users. There are so many examples, and all of them are salty as fuck.

Next up is a bit less common, but racism. People insult races and I want it to stop.

It also takes away time from what I actually could do, rather than just looking at this website

This is too much. I'm sorry everyone, but I'm leaving this shitty website.

  • You can still contact me on discord, but don't contact me here because you will have to wait an infinite amount of time before you can, which never ends.
  • Yes I will still work on mapping videos, but I may do other projects as well. Yes I have a mapping channel, that is ABOR Mapping.
  • I'm going to develop more 3D games.

I quit, and I will never return.

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