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Antonio12ITA Antonio12ITA 1 July 2019

I step down from Ownership

Hello Users from the FANDOM Polandball Wikia, have you read the title of this blog post? I guess so....

After 3 years and 6 months, I had to do this choice because I really wanted to do it.

Rumours from some users were going on 2 weeks ago over possible resignations, but I just told people that it was a prank, I was too shy to expose it but I have to admit it now.

If someone is asking me why did I do that, the main reason is just one: I have lost interest. Yes, because the phenomena of Polandball has got me for 4 years. I have been too tired since late 2018 over editing pages which have pages with the suffix -ball or checking files over flags inside a circle.

When months passed, I started to become slowly more inactive than the previous month…

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Antonio12ITA Antonio12ITA 1 January 2019


Happy New Year Polandballers!
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Antonio12ITA Antonio12ITA 16 August 2018

Back from Vacation

Hello, It's been a very long time due to private reasons, now I am back from North America and Alps but I am not talking about my vacation right now. I just found out this Wikia got drama again and got even more issues about Chat, Alts, and Global Banned users.

What should I say? Well, I apologize for not being active and for this reason I intervened in just few issues but what did I see, NESTLEH already made a blog post about users getting global banned for insulting, racial and homophobic slurs. Nothing changed.

And at this time I say it: CAN WE JUST STOP BAITING EACHOTHER? even though you keep memeing about it, it's not funny anymore.

Admins kept warning or banning some users about Bait blog posts, but I saw just few of you keep reporting is…

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Antonio12ITA Antonio12ITA 18 January 2018

Mini Announcement

The "person above you" Forum games are now banned due to spamming and they're pointless, Sorry.

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Antonio12ITA Antonio12ITA 21 July 2017

Rest In Peace Reagan

Dear Polandballers...We have terrible News today.

As you might know, I've been a Polandball Wikia for a long time, but before me, the original owner of this community was Reagan.

Reagan began making countryball comics in 2012 and shortly, but after creating one of the countryball’s largest Facebook community, USABall. It was clear from the very beginning that Reagan was extremely passionate for what he started, and then he was brought on shortly afterwards to administrate the Polandball page.

This Wikia Community was inactive for several years, so Reagan decided to adopt it on September 2014, promoting it in the process. After the adoption, this Wikia community started to increase, becoming a large Wikia community, and so on March 2015, he deci…

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