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Hello Users from the FANDOM Poland-icon.png Polandball Wikia, have you read the title of this blog post? I guess so....

After 3 years and 6 months, I had to do this choice because I really wanted to do it.

Rumours from some users were going on 2 weeks ago over possible resignations, but I just told people that it was a prank, I was too shy to expose it but I have to admit it now.

If someone is asking me why did I do that, the main reason is just one: I have lost interest. Yes, because the phenomena of Polandball has got me for 4 years. I have been too tired since late 2018 over editing pages which have pages with the suffix -ball or checking files over flags inside a circle.

When months passed, I started to become slowly more inactive than the previous months because I started again to go outside with my friends, walking, and doing a lot of stuff. My goal was limiting the activity to not get stress, keep social life and the good results at school.

You can also check my last edits: It's just answering to threads in my message walls, blocking sockpuppets and removing circle tool files.

It became very boring for me, that's why I think that my inactivity has started to give me a negative reputation of my ownership. It's time to change so I decided to nominate ChocoMingo-icon.png NESTLEH as successor, I hope he keeps a better ownership than me. (You can express your opinion about a NESTLEH ownership).

I apologize and I am so sorry for disappointing you all. Polandball Wiki isn't the way of my future. As God wants, I have another way to follow.

Thank you for the support for 1,277 days!

Here's the links for PWSC and Map Competition.