heya, I'm the guy who pretty much changed the entire course of the wiki's history by making a discord server back in 2016 and splitting the community in 2 which lead to a really crazy and interesting 3 years (for me, anyways)

I pretty much quit back in 2016, I stopped being in touch with new people joining and just moved on to discord and other communities

as silly as it sounds, being on this dumb, pointless, old meme wiki really changed my life in a way I never expected it to, I met a lot of cool people, had a lot of laughs and pretty much helped me stay sane getting through my real life problems

I largely regret pretty much everything I've said and done from 2016 to early 2018 but over the years I managed to change myself as a person and learn to not be toxic as hell to others, so uh, if you remember me from that time period, I promise I am not a dickhead anymore please forgive me for the dumb shit I did

anyway enough with the serious stuff, go in the comments and ask whatever the hell you want, I will respond to every question, don't be shy!

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