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  • Byz-Venetikos


    I'm you're host, Byz-Venetikos, and welcome to the OFFICIAL YET UNLICENSED PBW ART CONTEST!

    The as y'all may know, we hosted a Duchy of Milan. The results just came in, and boy-oh-boy did you lot not disappoint!

    Let's see who might be the winner this time'round!

    In EIGHTH Place...

    With fourteen points... PROTOTIP RUSI!

    WOW THOSE'RE A LOTTA POINT! And the artwork surely shows! The Lega Lombarda flag, the insane detail in the flag, and that I C O N I C shading! I am truly without words, mate!

    AND WITH THAT, LADIES AND GENTS! THE OFFICIAL YET UNLICENSED PBW ART CONTEST (Oyubpwac for short) is closed until the first Monday of July. Goodnight, everyone - Stay safe - and remember: I'm terrible at coming up with acronyms! …

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  • Byz-Venetikos

    Unlike last time, we had a TON of submissions

    I'm genuinely astonished as to how so many people joined

    As for the voting


    1. Least Favourite







    8. Most Favourite (Do not include this if you participated)

    Also (just like the Valencia contest), one submission is running late, so be prepared to update your votes once it shows up:

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  • Byz-Venetikos

    Okay, you know the drill

    The deadline shall be in a week from now, but if you're done your drawings, feel free to upload them now

    Remember, voting won't begin for another week, so if you're not done, don't feel pressured to submit until you are

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  • Byz-Venetikos

    In an attempt to make this somewhat simpler, seeing how sorry and sad the sometime situation was, I will be organising this competition just a tad bit better.

    If you wish to participate in the art contest, say so in the comments below

    Never-the-nonetheless, you may now begin drawing of the Duchy of Milan

    And remember: No circle tool

    • If you finish the drawing, don't post your finished drawing on this wiki until further notice
    • If you gave me an art request, don't be surprised if it takes a little while; weekdays aren't my specialty
      • Subsequently, requests are closed

    • TGC
    • Gator
    • MLCHN
    • NFC69
    • Prototype Rusi
    • Canadia
    • Carlo
    • Ivih
    • Gianluz
    • Avery
    • User:Zlojicanel08 RBLX
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  • Byz-Venetikos

    I've never done something like this since I made the Latin America group picture

    So eh, might as well

    Tell me if you want a picture

    • TGC with pickelhaube
    • Gator with black fez
    • N1DFan
    • MLCHN
    • NotFunny with Flower Crown
    • Nash
    • Xinhai with smartphone (screw product placement I don't wanna get sued)
    • Jugoslav with helmet
    • Mtcat with book
    • CuteSusciPizza with cookie
    • WikiaFan
    • Nathan with pickelhaube and gun
    • Bosnia mapper in a tonk
    • Caio Maul
    • Shan with laptop
    • Bosnian empire
    • Winter neutral
    • Ivih on guanaco
    • Bro code
    • Gianluz
    • Carlo piquelhauve
    • M11Wraith with mortar

    End of Reqs

    As for the Art contest, it's comin' up quite soon

    I took a break for May as it's my birth month, so it gives me an excuse to be lazy

    If you want to join the Art Contest, say so in the comments

    You know the rules: no …

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