Hello, I'm CyanIdeAntoinette. Withen my time on this new account on the wikia, i've grown to dislike the wikia. This is for varying reasons, including issues exhibited on the discord and the rules being faulty and not properly executed, leading to mods not doing their jobs and mods breaking the rules intentionally. That and the fact i've received unnecasary hate from several individuals. I figure it would be best in my favor to leave the wikia. If I do come back, I may do visits back here since it can be enjoyable; but chances are I'm not going to be here often if not at all anymore. There is also things that have abruptly occured in my life on a personal levels as of recent weeks. This will probably start by January 10th.

 Now and Forever, Cyan Ide AntoinetteFile:Cyanideantoinette8.png

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