1. There is one human who is not Adolf Hitler and you want him never born. Who is (s)he?

2. What do you think about Trump, Putin, Hillary Clinton, Mussolini, Peter the Great, Churchill, Obama, Napoleon, Justinian the Great, Julius Caesar, Ivan the Terrible, Hitler, Stalin and Constantine the Great?

3. What do you think about homosexuality, transsexuality, pansexuality and other LGBTQ+ stuff?

4. If there would a a government that is burning witches would you support it?

5. What do you think about Fascism, National-Socialism, Monarchism, Individualism, Capitalism, Collectivism, Byzantism, Libertarism, Socialism, Communism, Eurasism, Nobility and Liberalism?

6. What is your life philosophy?

7. What would be your personal mottoo?

8. Are you racist, sexist or Xphobe?

9. What is the most intresting religion for you after your own (even if you are Atheist)?

10. What is the most intresting culture for you after your own?

11. Which countryball is you most/least favourite?

12. If you would be a wizard would you be a wizard of fire, water, stone, air or nature?

13. The world is electing a president of the world. Which politican would you support?

14. Do you belive in aliens?

15. What is the most bad/evil thing in the world according to you?

16. What is your ideology?

17. What is your opinion on Crusades/Fourth Crusade/WWI/WWII/Cold War/Seven Years' War/Fall of Constantinopole/Smuta time?

18. Do you like MLG?

19. What do you think about Kalasjnikov?

20. What do you think about these questions (not "no" or "yes")?

Exra question:

Am I small green bird?

Kohottajat 590

Of course you're not ugly!