It was a normal day in the Countryballs’ universe, except that NASA found a wormhole:
“What is that?” Said an astronaut “It looks like a wormhole! This means that we can travel in time!”
“But what would you change in time?” Another astronaut said
“Nothing” Said him, altrough having Vietnam War flashbacks.
The astronauts joined the wormhole, passed all the time but had to comeback, what they didn’t know is that some countryballs joined the rocket.
It landed on New York, everyone was happy, but some historical countryballs later appeared everywhere.
Now let’s focus on the main character Polandball. It was sleeping peacefully but the Reichtangle just appeared and said “Anchluss”
-WHAT THE FUCK?!- Screamed Poland -Germany, is this another prank you did?-
-I’m not Germany- he said –I’m Reich-
Poland leaved the house running and screaming, he stopped by France to ask for some help
-France! Please help me!- Poland said -Reichtangle is attacking me!- 
-Reichtangle?- France replied –Oh no, we’re both doomed!-
Nazi Germany also appeared
-I surrender!- Screamed France. Nazi Germany passed by Poland too
-Aren’t you going to attack me?- Asked Poland -No- Nazi replied -Indonesia is very far from me, right now...-
Poland claimed to be safe, but then the Empire of Japan appeared
-BANZAI!- Japanese Empire screamed -I’m going to take you Indonesia!-
-No! I’m not Indonesia! I’m Poland! I swear!- Poland screamed
Austria-Hungary appeared asking where was Serbia
-Hey!- Austro-Hungarian said -Do you guys know where is Serbia?-
Both Empire of Japan and Poland said no
Serbia also appeared singing “Remove Kebab”, but then Austria-Hungary appeared and said “It’s revenge time!”
-No!- USSR appeared -You will not take Serbia, I’m with him!”
-I’m also with him!- Said Yugoslavia
-We’re against him- Both Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina said
All those countries started to fight, meanwhile Israelcube entered Vatican’s church
-Vatican, I just would like to wish you a happy Easter altrough I don’t celebrate it- Israel said
-Thanks- Vatican gently said
Israel leaved His church, but Nazi Germany appeared after that. Israel got massacred by Nazi Germany.
The scene cuts to Switzerland presenting the weather forecast
-In our north, it will be cold- Switzerland said -The same thing to our center, our south, our mountains, the French speaking territories, Italian speaking, German, Natives... OK! Everything will be cold today!-
Then Reichtangle & German Empireball appeared and said “Anchluss”
-Wait a minute!- Switzerland said -I can’t be at war because of the Vienna treaty!-
The Kingdom of Austria & Prussia said: “That boy is right!”
-Saddly- Said the Napoleanic France
All the Historical Germanies reunited (At least the main Germanies)
-What did you guys got- German Empire said -Here is Switzerland (Altrough I only catched her, I can’t declare war to Switzerland)-
-I’ve catched Poland- Reichtangle said
-I’ve got Israel- Nazi said -H’bout you, Prussia?-
Prussia was dancing a silly song, (Which was similar to Moskau) but he noticed that Nazi Germany was talking to him, so he runned, scared France and showed him to them
-I think I’ve got France!- Prussia said
Then the US and the UK appeared. -Ha!- Screamed USA -You’ve thought you would catch Israel right?-
-The worst part is that no one noticed that we’re all historical countryballs- Prussia said
-See our fury!- UK screamed
Nazi Germany started to scream so hard, Japan appeared and had flashbacks of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
The fight ended, somehow, Nazi Germany wasn’t defeated
-I’m good- Nazi said -But I think I should fight with the USA right now...-
-Hey, did someone saw Austria-Hungary?- German Empire said
Austro-Hungarian appeared exactly at the moment German Empire completed the sentence
-I’ve ate Serbia- Austria-Hungary said
Austrian Empire appeared and said he did a good job
The same two astronauts that appeared on the start where noticing the rocket
-How many countryballs do you think that we’ve got?-  An astronaut said
-I don’t know- The other said -But I think we should be careful-

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