I have no idea if I have the right to host a Map Drawing Competition or not...but I am doing it anyways!

The theme is African Countries during the cold war in 1977.

Here are the Countries that MUST be Included in the map. Its a mixture of both communist and capitalist African countries.

ALL SOCIALIST AFRICAN COUNTRIES (like Egypt-icon.png Egyptball or Algeria-icon.png Algeriaball ) MUST BE INCLUDED

You may include South Yemen-icon.png South Yemenball and North Yemen-icon.png North Yemenball if you want to in the map.

Also for the Ogaden War you may include Cuba-icon.png Cubaball or Italy-icon.png Italyball if you want to!

The prize will be a userbox saying...This user is the first winner of the African Map competition¨ 


1. No circel tool

2. No black lines 

3. Do not put made up countries

4. GOOD LUCK! The deadline of the competition is Auguest 20th!! Make sure you finish your art before this date!


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