Hi, So what this about , well i am here to Let you know that I'm here Regarding BKB's Block, Well here's the cache BKB (Bulgarian Kingdom Ball), has you know Last Year that He was Blocked on this wiki for Creating Drama for the Purpose of Self-Glorification, well months have past since then and apart from Starting Drama on Discord and Other Wiki's since then, but after the last thing he did he became semi-acitve on FANDOM these's days and has been doing other stuff, ever since then he has improved massively and is no longer the Drama-Queen we Originally know him as, he has Somewhat Changed his Act and is no longer a Threat to me anymore and also the fact that I've left all that drama in the past, And due to the massive changes, I am here to Give a Referendum here it is, so I believe it's time that BKB was unblocked or at least reducing the block he currently has from both this Wiki and the Company Polandball Wiki, Because he is no longer a threat to this wiki anymore and has Change a lot, that's why I've unblocked him from my wiki, i think he has served his sentence and has learn't his lesson and has learnt from his past mistakes so please reconsider this in the name of the AllSpark, that's it from Me Till All Are One Everyone

- OptimusPrime33-icon OptimusPrime33 (aka The Anti-Lemon Hunter 🍋)

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