Hey Everyone before I get into it I want to do a bit of House Cleaning

Evil Clone Group Photo Update

I’ve Mentioned this in my Evil Clone Group Photo Blog already, And Again I’m sorry about the Delay (It’s hard to do stuff when Real Life gets in the way), But I’ll start working on it and hopefully Get it out by Tomorrow, enough of that let’s get into the niddy and gritty.

Userball Cosplay Art Request

Okay first off all I have requested art before (If your on the Nexus then you would know that), but for the whole Wiki this is my first time requesting art, and as i said in the Evil Clone Group Photo Blog I mentioned that Canuckistan-icon Canuckistan gave me the idea for this, he randomly posted on my message wall saying “if u say yes draw me as a robot plz......”, which I replied “ What sort of Robot? If Transformers then which one”, then he said “ transformers and i want......bumblebee”, and I replied back with “ Which Variation of Him (G1, Animated, Movie, Bee Movie, Prime, RID 2015, WFC/FOC/DOTRS or Cyberverse)”, then he replied back with “Movie”, so I said “Okay” and so on (Again Canuckistan if your reading this, I’m almost finished I’ll release it tomorrow along with the Evil Clone Group Photo), but while I’m in the process in Drawing it and after been inspired with Canuckistan’s Thread, It gave me the encouragement to do this so, Obviously if you have been to Comic Conventions, then you would know that people go there a Cosplay as a Characters from any Franchise (TV Show, Cartoon, Comic, Book, Video Game, Toyline Etc.), so please tell me in the comments on What TV Show, Movie, Comic, Book or Video Game Character you want your Userball dress as and I’ll draw it and also tell me if you want me to give you the weapon/item that’s Character carry’s with and that’s a rap.

Again I’m sorry for the Delay with the Evil Clone Group Photo and I’ll make sure I’ll get it out by tomorrow to say the least, and I hope this never happens again so yeah Till All Are One Everyone

-OptimusPrime33-icon OptimusPrime33 (aka The Anti-Lemon Hunter 🍋)

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