@everyone Hello everyone. I would to type my last message in the community and please spend a moment reading it!I decided to quit the community because I want and need to spend more time in my real life.I believe it is more important than this world.Anyways,before I leave I want to tell you that sometimes I had made alts impersonating other raiders/altmakers while I was either in bad mood or I was really sad irl. I also want to write some more important things that you should read. TIP:Never make alts,vandalise or have a bad behaviour. It won't help you at all costs,it will just make things for you worse.You will achieve nothing. Now I would like to thank some people and write to/for them. : Collisions,IHOR/Percy,Lejon123,Squirel,Ferentani: Thank you so much for being my friends in 2015 when I needed you. so much... NESTLEH: I am so sorry for being antagonist towards you,even if you were too. I forgave you, I hope you also did. I hope you rule the contest better than I did. Altmakers:Vandalising will not help you. Make a new account and make a new start like I did or just leave wikia. Gladlog,Lorenzo07,Fireblade,JAR2004,Vardan,mca,vallo etc**:Thank you for supporting me and being my friends. .....If anybody wants to communicate with me after the account deletion,message me to know where will I be active. The PWSC wikia should not die by the way.

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