Voting is in a big role in PWSC. With voting, nations can decide who will win PWSC and will host the next edition of PWSC. Voting is really simple and it should not take a lot of time. Every nation that is taking part of the current edition of Polandvision needs to vote. If you don't vote, you will get banned for one edition.

  • There are some rules that you should know when you vote:
    • You can't vote your nation
    • You can't vote one nation multiple times
    • You can't skip any votes
  • Voting is not free for everyone


http://polandballwikisongcontest.wikia./wiki/Scoreboard_for_Song_Contest_I This is the scoreboard for the contest voting.It will be edited every time someone votes.


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Voting Example

Here is an example but count on Procimus vote (he will vote first)


By Finn Mapper


The 7 17 PWSC Trophy


The voting starts at 11:00,10th July (Eastern European Zone)

Recap Video

PolandBall Wiki Song Contest I Recap video

PolandBall Wiki Song Contest I Recap video

Voting is over,see the Score in comments

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