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  • I live in North Korea
  • My occupation is ...
  • I am A Basement Dweller with 6000 diplomas
  • SerbianFoamer


    November 5, 2019 by SerbianFoamer

    Fuck yeah! Im back!

    I swear, like a boss, you need to let go of drama. For crying out loud, that was 8 months ago.

    Other than that, I'm back. I don't have many plans for here though, so I'm gunna remain pretty lowkey here.

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  • SerbianFoamer

    Its cancerous. I will award you if you do. Mostly on pages that re allies of russia or russia itself.

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  • SerbianFoamer
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  • SerbianFoamer

    Welcome to le polandball wiki, you’re UnOfficial guide to thing in the polandball universe.

    Q: what’s the community like? A: 4chan but more shitty, as we can’t make make ronchy humor due to fandom trying to make every wiki about anime

    Q: How do I make good art? A: learn how to use your drawing software.

    Q: Who is TLR? A: A vandal and troll who does not know what to do with his life. TLR stands for TehLoanRanger

    Q: Some asshole is changing the image of a page! What the fuck do I do? A: Ask a mod for help.

    Q: what is the most used acronym here? A: no u

    Q: Why is it blue? A: Why not?

    Thank for reeding dis cool thing, now don’t spam furry porn or I’ll put an F40PH on your message wall.

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  • SerbianFoamer


    January 9, 2019 by SerbianFoamer


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