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    February 16, 2020 by WestKoreaBestKorea

    guess I'm gonna join some trend for once .w.

    go at it lads.

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  • WestKoreaBestKorea

    alright noobs

    January 21, 2019 by WestKoreaBestKorea

    listen up

    I hope to see you 2019ers do something more useful than your 2018er predecessors

    if you're gonna stay here, at least try to contribute or some shit

    I don't give a fuck how, as long as it's useful. there's plenty to do here, so "but there's nothing to add to these pages" is not an excuse

    now get your ass up and start editing

    yes I'm a hypocrite :-)

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  • WestKoreaBestKorea

    it's about time I turn 14 

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  • WestKoreaBestKorea

    man + man = 1 gay

    man = 0.5 gay

    woman + woman = gay

    woman = 0.5 gay

    woman + man = gay

    get naenaed :)

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  • WestKoreaBestKorea

    ok so ofc I was gone for a really long time but when I "returned" this morning for a little bit, I checked upon the page for Titan, Saturn's largest moon. there were references to Thanos on literally every paragraph.

    come on, guys, please don't stick dead memes onto pages. in fact, I advise against putting any mainstream meme on it at all, since most of them aren't very good. I couldn't give a flying fuck how """""funny"""""" the meme is, it just makes the article and you yourself appear more immature. I'd much appreciate it if rather you could control yourselves and post accurate, serious information while limiting yourself to a few innuendos here and there.

    for the love of god and this wiki

    please stop making low-quality shitposts on our ar…

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