Uttarakhandball, formerly Uttaranchalball is a stateball of India-icon.png Indiaball.


Uttarakhandball was officaly born as a 2-icon.png 2ball, then adopted by Hindustani princely states and small time Caliphateball, British Raj-icon.png British Rajball and India-icon.png Indiaball. Uttrakhandball means Northern landball/sectionball. Uttarakhandball's cousin Uttaranchal Pradeshball fought for independence from Uttar Pradeshball because of a massacre which enraged many people and formed many riots.

How to draw:

Drawing Uttarakhandball can be difficult:

First, draw a circle. 

Second, make a green line 3/4 from the left.

Third, draw a circle with a purple outline.

Fourth, Color everything within the green line and outside of the purple circle dark green.

Fifth, divide the blank part into 3 triangles.

Sixth, Make the upper triangle purple and add a crescent by it's side in the middle.

Seventh, color the bottom triangle baby blue and add a white circle; leave the middle triangle white/blank.

Eight, go back to the purple outlined circle and make a mountain range with snow.

Ninth, on the middle of the mountain range, add a black peak on the top. 

Tenth, surround the remaining parts of the mountain with a sun.

Eleventh, draw rays shinig out of the sun.

Twelfth, draw the eyes.

Thirteenth, enjoy with your new Uttarakhandball!


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