Uyghurball, or Xinjiangball, or East Turkestanballfor independence supporters' one, or Blue Turkeyball is an autonomous region of China-icon Chinaball. He is also have a little Schizophrenic.


Xinjiangball was born as a 2-icon 2ball. He was first inhabited by Indo-European Tocharian speaking people as well as some scythian people. He spoke tocharian languages which originated from the tarim basin. Later though, 1-icon 1ball Turks and Chinese killed off the tocharian people and their languages (however tocharian mummies are still being found to this day). This is the beginning of East Turkestan. Later, mongols invaded him. afterwards, he underwent being part of many monarchies later falling into the hands of qing. He failed twice when tried to became independent from Taiwan-icon Republic of Chinaball because he never cared about his feelings and oppressed them. From then on, he started to become schizophrenic. It's still hard to cure it until today.

After China-icon PRCball killed his father Taiwan-icon ROCball, Chinaball started to care about his feelings...

Xinjiangball is a poor place, and China-icon Chinaball is doing its best to make it rich, such as the establishment of Kashi city SEZ. Some Uyghurballs are not able to endure the suffering of temporary poverty and choose to be independent, but not many of them. At the same time, Chinaball also pays great attention to the cultural protection of Xinjiang, even the Chinese currency is printed on Uyghur somewhere. But some Uyghurballs still feel they are not good to them. This is another topic - Xinjiang conflict. Anyway, he likes China-icon Chinaball very much but also some of the Uyghurs hates him.


Uygurball is one of China-icon Chinaball's adopted sons, but also all the largest in all sons. he always wanted to be independent, but he also want to be stays here, and thus suffer from a certain schizophrenia.

He has his own time zone despite requiring him to use Beijing-icon Beijing's time zone which is way off based on his geographical location.

He is very enthusiastic about visitor, no matter what nationality it is. He also like sharing their sweet grapes and watermelons.

He is also have a little schizophrenic because of the experience in ROCball time, ROCball left a shadow in his heart. In the bright side he is normal, grateful ball and love live, at this side he hate separatism, and be kind to others, but in his another side, also known as East Turkestan side, he is crazy, harmful and gets angry easily, and want to be independent.

He is adamancy and optimistic, because even in such a difficult situation (Schizophrenic disease), he can still be optimistic and strong to face the pain disease bring in this case. (China-icon: Son, yuo have to be stronk!)

Countries opposing China in Uyghur Province

Countries supporting China in Uyghur Province

How to draw

Draw Uyghurball is simple: 1.(Normal/Offical one)

  1. Draw a Chinaball
  2. Add words of “新疆”on it.

2.(For Independence supporters)

  1. Color the basic circle shape of this blue
  2. Draw a white star and crescent in the center
  3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


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