Uzbek Khanateball (1420 - 1506) was a historical countryball succeeding Blank-icon.png White Hordeball who ruled most of what's now modern-day Kazakhstan and even southern Siberia as well, but eventually his brother Kazakh Khanate-icon.png Kazakh Khanatebrick split from him while being at war with Four Oirat-icon.png Four Oiratball and then later got revenge on him.


Uzbek Khanateball hated his father Golden Horde-icon.png Golden Hordeball so much, that he left him in 1428 and decided to take over the rest of Blank-icon.png White Hordeballs. One of them was his brother, who unlike him, respected Golden Horde-icon.png Golden Hordeball. After Uzbek Khanateball was invaded and had trouble fighting against Four Oirat-icon.png Four Oiratball, his brother left him as well in the late 1450s to his cousin Moghulistan-icon.png Moghulistanball where he later became Kazakh Khanate-icon.png Kazakh Khanatebrick in 1465.

When Four Oirat-icon.png Four Oiratball raided him again, Uzbek Khanateall was invaded by Kazakh Khanate-icon.png Kazakh Khanatebrick in 1468 and was followed by his other brothers: Nogai-icon.png Nogai Hordeball and Khanate of Sibir-icon.png Khanate of Sibirball. With the help of Timurid Empire-icon.png Timurid Empireball, he fought against Kazakh Khanate-icon.png Kazakh Khanatebrick who wanted all of his clay, then Uzbek Khanateball went against Great Horde-icon.png Great Hordeball which interrupted his campaign of fighting against Grand Duchy of Muscovyball. Nogai-icon.png Nogai Hordeball offered Uzbek Khanateball an alliance against Kazakh Khanate-icon.png Kazakh Khanatebrick in 1473 because he was afraid of him being taken over. This made Kazakh Khanate-icon.png Kazakh Khanatebrick very pissed who managed to defeat Uzbek Khanateball's attempts at taking back control. Meanwhile, Timurid Empire-icon.png Timurid Empireball took Tashkentball from Moghulistan-icon.png Western Moghulistanball who was an ally of Kazakh Khanate-icon.png Kazakh Khanatebrick. Uzbek Khanateball decided to become friends with Moghulistan-icon.png Western Moghulistanball in exchange for both of them betraying their allies. Timurid Empire-icon.png Timurid Empireball was defeated at the Battle of the Chirciq River in 1588. Because of this, Moghulistan-icon.png Western Moghulistanball gave Turkistanbrick to Uzbek Khanateball which made Kazakh Khanate-icon.png Kazakh Khanatebrick mad that he went against Moghulistan-icon.png Western Moghulistanball who ended up being defeated in the war.

Seeing interests against Timurid Empire-icon.png Timurid Empireball, Uzbek Khanateball decided to stop fighting with Kazakh Khanate-icon.png Kazakh Khanatebrick. He gave all the clay that Kazakh Khanate-icon.png Kazakh Khanatebrick wanted in 1500 and went after Timurid Empire-icon.png Timurid Empireball instead. As a result, Uzbek Khanateball changed himself into Khanate of Bukhara-icon.png Khanate of Bukharaball in 1506.


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