Uzbek SSRball was of Soviet Socialist Republicball in Central Asia.


In 1917, Russia-icon Russian Empireball was overthrown by Soviet-icon Sovietball, and then the Southern Area of the Empire (Russian Turkestanball) turned into an autonomous republic, the Turkestan ASSR-icon Turkestan ASSRball.

In 1924, the Turkestan ASSR-icon Turkestan ASSRball was split up, in four SSR (Turkmen SSR-icon Turkmen SSRball, Uzbek SSR-icon Uzbek SSRball, Tajik ASSR-icon Tajik ASSRball, and Kara-Kirghiz Autonomous Oblastball.)

In 1942, Soviet-icon Sovietball gave guns to his sons including Uzbek SSR-icon Uzbek SSRball to fight Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball.

During his entire life with his Kazakh SSR-icon Kazakh SSRbrick buddy, they drained all of their Aral sea, until 1991, when Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball died and when Uzbek SSR-icon Uzbek SSRball bought new clothes and changed his name into Uzbek-icon Uzbekistanball. Now they blame eachother about the Aral Sea.


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