Valdiviaball is a city of Chile-icon Chileball.


Valdiviaball born as a 3ball adopted by the Spanish EmpireballLos Lagosball, Los Ríosball and Chileball, he got independence in the 1810's.

In 1960 he was hit by a huge earthquake and tsunami (strongest in world) and was incorpored to Los Lagosball, but later got separated in Los Riosball.

How to draw

Drawing Valdiviaball is similar to Spanish Empireball

  1. Draw the basic circle and fil it with white
  2. Draw a red X cross
  3. Draw the eyes and you're done!!



Chile-icon Chileball - He is my father. We both hate earthquakes and Bolivia-icon Boliviaball.


1960 earthquake - Worst enemy! It killed thousands of people.

Bolivia-icon Boliviaball - You stole my name. You cannot into sea or else the tsunami will kill you.

Alabama-icon Alabamaball and Florida-icon Floridaball - You stole my flag.

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