Vanadzorball is the third largest cityball in Armenia-icon.png Armeniaball, and capitalball of Loriball province (marz). He can into beautiful scenery, being located in a pretty valley, but also many abandoned buildings and factories left by Sovietball, with trees growing on them.


Vanadorball was first named Karakilisaball after Seljukball invaded the Kingdom of Loriball, named after the black church in his town, and is first mentioned in 13th century. It was a bit of a kebab-ish name, which is why he didn't like it.

Russian Empireball used Karakilisaball as one of his bases of operation during his wars against Persiaball in the 1800's. However, in 1826 Persiaball killed and destroyed Karakilisaball. Later on he was of rebuilt, and Armeniaballs from other regions moved there. He became a successful cityball.

In 1918, Ottoman-icon.png Ottomanball invaded and tried to destroy Karakilisaball, but he defeated Ottomanball and sent him home, removing the kebab.

Later, Soviet-icon.png Sovietball took over Armenia-icon.png First Republic of Armeniaball, and in 1935 Karakilisaball all was renovated and renamed Kirovakanball, a more communist name. He was an important center of chemical plants for Sovietball. These were his best years. He was mostly spared the 1988 earthquake that broke Gyumriball and nearby Spitakball, but it did a little damage. When Soviet Unionball died in 1991, he changed his name to Vanadzorball, after the river in his city. But with the death of Sovietball, the factories abandoned, and work was harder to find. Vanadzorball can now into urban decay, with trees growing out of some of his abandoned buildings. He is sort of like an Armenian Detroitball, but without the crime. He misses Sovietball sometimes.

He is soon to have a new power plant given to him by UKball, that will hopefully make more jobs for him.

Twin Cityballs

How to Draw

Vanadzorball has his own seal, which is a little complicated to draw.

  • Draw a circle.
  • Draw the blue seal; a seven-leafed plant above a chemical symbol within a designed double circle. Below that, write Վանաձոր in white (all caps).
  • Draw the eyes, then you're done.

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