Vancouver-icon.png Vancouverball is a cityball in the Pacific North West clay. It hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics. He has many sports teams, the NHL's Vancouver Canucks, the WHL's Vancouver Giants, the MLS's Vancouver Whitecaps, the CFL's BC Lions, and a minor league Baseball team, the Vancouver Canadians. Vancouver-icon.png Vancouverball is of having beautiful clay as is part of British Columbia-icon.png British Columbiaball, a provinceball in Canada-icon.png Canadaball. He likes hockey only when Canucks are of winnings, and is of sushi and all 1-icon.png Asianballs food due to the largely Asian population. This leads many to suspect that China-icon.png Chinaball of wanting to anschluss Vancouver-icon.png Vancouverball, but if that happens, Canada-icon.png Canadaball's brother, USA-icon.png Americaball, with help from NATO-icon.png NATOball will use Article 5 to protect Vancouver-icon.png Vancouverball from China-icon.pngChinaball, since Canada-icon.png Canadaball is a NATO-icon.png NATO countryball. Vancouver-icon.png Vancouverball is good friends with Seattle-icon.png Seattleball and both share love for potsmokers. Due to Vancouver-icon.png Vancouverball's weather, growing monies and of Canada-icon.png Canadian healthcare, it is constantly ranked as one of the top balls for life. Vancouver-icon.png Vancouverball likes oceans, whales, bikes, hipsters, and pots. Vancouver-icon.png Vancouverball is also very into the film and gaming industries. Due to his proximity to the Washington-icon.png Washingtonball, he is close friends with Seattle-icon.png Seattleball. In addition, he has a twin in Washington-icon.png Washingtonball's clay with the same name as him. Sometimes, USA-icon.png USAball uses Vancouver-icon.png Vancouverball as a filming location to double Seattle-icon.png Seattleball, San Francisco-icon.png San Franciscoball and Los Angeles-icon.png Los Angelesball because it is cheaper to film there. He is also really good friends with Whistlerball, who lives just up the Sea to Sky Highway from him. Its sister cityball is Albertvilleball, who hosted the Winter Olympics in 1992, 18 years before he did. Vancouver in July-Ausgust battled a level 10 smog that was threatening him thanks to the wildfires that has spread from across the province. Vancouver hosted the IIHF World Juniors for the 2019 and congratulated Team Finland on the awesome victory. Vancouver is pissed off that they dropped from the NHL Draft lottery from 9th to 10th place. He also lives near Burnabyball, Richmondball and Seattle-icon.png Seattleball with NorthVancouver-icon.png North Vancouver and WestVancouver-icon.png West Vancouver above him He is currently in Coronavirus trouble due to too many Chinese infecting the populace. UBC and SFU are forced to do online lectures not only for one semester but for 5 semesters (spring 2020, summer 2020, fall 2020, spring 2021 and summer 2021.) Now he can into "partial" reopening of businesses and elementary schools and secondary schools. He wants universities to reopen to gain social capital

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