Vaughanball is a cityball in Ontarioball, just to the north of Torontoball and is the 17th-largest city in Canadaball.


Like many cityballs in Ontarioball, Vaughanball was once inhabited by 3balls. The first settlers came to its clay in the early 17th century with the first townships being settled in 1792. It earned townball status in 1850 and became a full-fledged cityball in 1991.

Vaughanball saw some tough times in 2009 when a F2 tornado ripped through its clay, destroying many homes and leaving people injured and homeless. But it was quick to rebuild after the storm.

The reason Vaughanball is a very fun-loving and energetic cityball is because of the fact it is the home of Canada's Wonderland, the biggest theme park in Canadaball. It also has two conservation centers (Kortright and Boyd) and Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre.

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