Veniceball is an Italian city in Veneto-icon Venetoball. He's rich and famous for his unique cityscape which consists of water canals and gondolas. Just like the rest of Italy-icon Italyball, he really likes pasta.


Veniceball was founded by Western Roman Empire-icon Western Roman Empireball in 421 and then later adopted by Kingdom of Odoacer-icon Kingdom of Odoacerball, Ostrogothic Kingdom-icon Ostrogothic Kingdomball, Byzantine-icon Byzantineball and then became independent in 697 as Venice-icon Republic of Veniceball. When Constantinople was sacked in 1204, he took the opportunity to take some islands in the Aegean Sea.

In the 1299, the Ottoman-icon Ottoman Empireball was created and through a series of glorious wars, rose up to be the dominant force in the Balkans and Anatolia. When the Ottomans took Constantinople in 1453, since Constantinople was a trading hub, the Venetians wanted to trade with them. They also held trade in Moldavia and Crimea, and trade through Egypt and the Indonesian spice trade, so The Ottoman Empireball became a strong trading partner with Venice. However, the Ottomans would take Cyprus and Crete from them, so they were angry at the Ottomans and sided with the Austrian Empire-icon Austrian Empireball in the great Turkish war, starting in 1683, taking Morea from them, though briefly.

In 1797, he was invaded by France-icon French First Republicball during the War of the First Coaliation and at the end of the war he partitioned the republic between France-icon himself and Austrian Empire-icon Habsburgball. The city of Venice became part of Austrian Empire-icon Habsburgball but in 1805 France-icon French First Republicball gave it to his client state, Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy-icon Napoleonic Kingdom of Italyball. However in 1814 France-icon French First Republicball was defeated and Venice became a province of Austrian Empire-icon Austrian Empireball (Lombardy-Venetiaball). In 1848 he revolted as Republic of San Marcoball but it failed. Finally in 1866 he joined Italian-Empire-icon Kingdom of Italyball and later adopted by Italy-icon Italyball.


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