Veracruzball is a stateball of Mexico-icon Mexicoball.


Veracruzball was born as a 3ball, later adopted by Aztecball, Spanish Empireball (within New Spainball), First Mexican Empireball, Second Mexican Empireball and Mexicoball.

Veracruzball, unlike other stateballs, has a significant cultural and genetic component of caribbean 8ball. Veracruzcityball was New Spainball's main port and one of Mexicoball's main ports, and was sometimes wealthier than Mexicocityball (a long time ago).

It is thin and long and steals possible shoreline from San Luis Potosiball, Hidalgoball, Pueblaball and Oaxacaball (though this one has coast on the Pacific).

Other stateballs think it swears a lot and says too many palabrotas.

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