Vikeslandball is micronation in Canada-icon Canadaball.

Fun Fact: Vikesland was one of the sponsors of the JP Aerospace "Away 35" balloon mission.


It was founded in 2005 by Christopher Barry Joseph Beyette (now King Christopher I), a television news cameraman employed by CHUM. It was created mostly ofr the purpose of being used in a documentary about micronations which he planned to make. However, Its focus soon shifted to charity and humanitarian aid. It claims to be non seccescionist, but he lays claim to a 6.5 km area which he co owns with his parents and his house. 

Involvement in the war with East Germany

You know that war with East Germany Molossia has? Vikesland was also stupid enough to get involved. On 11 February 2009 a "covert team" of operatives from the Principality of Vikesland, headed by Prince Christopher himself, landed on Ernst Thälmann Island (the supposed residence of East Germany) to conduct recon operations there. The supposed purpose was to determine the extent of East German "activities" on the island. Among other "evidence of East German activities", a massive comunications tower was noted, and the East German flag was discovered - Supposed proof that it was still operating and "Planning nefarious deeds against Molossia". That was the only important thing Vikesland has ever done. That's its history for you.

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