Vilniusball is the historical and current capital cityball and the largest cityball of Lithuania-icon.png Lithuaniaball.


Vilniusball was the capital of Grand Duchy of Lithuania-icon.png Grand Duchy of Lithuaniaball was from 1323 to 1795 until GDLball and Kingdom of Poland-icon.png Polandball divided. In 1918, Lithuaniaball declared their full independence from Russiaball with its capital Vilniusball, but newborn Polandball's president didn't want to recognize independent Lithuaniaball and attacked their lands, so Vilniusball was ceded to Polandball and is known as "Wilno" in Polish. After the Soviet annexation of Lithuaniaball, Vilniusball was given back to Lithuanian SSR-icon.png Lithuanian SSRball and remained as part of Lithuaniaball to present, but it retains an ethnic minority of Poles and Russians.




  • Poland-icon.png Polandball - How many times did I told you, I AM NOT OF POLISH, I AM OF LITHUANIAN, and please stop calling me "Wilno". Vilnius yra Lietuvis, o ne Lenkas you šikna.

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