Vojvodinaball is an autonomous region of Serbia-icon Serbiaball. Hungary wants to annex him.

Official names

  • Serbian (66.76%): Војводина
  • Hungarian (13%) : Vajdaság
  • Croatian (2.78%) : Vojvodina
  • Slovakian (2.6%) : Vojvodina
  • Romani (2.19%) : Vojvodina
  • Romanian (1.32%) : Voivodina
  • German (1%): Vojvodina
  • Rusyn (0.72%) : Войводина



  • Serbia-icon Serbiaball - My father
  • Romania-icon Romaniaball - Good guy. He respects me a lot, plus there are a lot of romanians living here.
  • Slovakia-icon Slovakiaball -Just like Romania, there are a lot of slovaks living here.


  • Croatia-icon Croatiaball - My cool uncle that likes me.But I have an feeling he wants me into him.


  • Hungary-icon Hungaryball - GET YOUR DIRTY HUNGARIANS OFF MY LAND.YOU HATE MY Serbia-iconDAD AND HIS Romania-iconBEST FRIEND,VOJVODINA WILL NEVER BE PART OF HUNGARY AGAIN! But we can into friends, becous he hates Kebabs and gypsies
  •  Turkey-iconTurkeyball - REMOVE KEBAB!!!!!!!
  • Szekelyland-icon Szekelylandball - Is having many common things with me BUT STILL HUNGARIAN BITCH!*
  • Kosovo-iconKosovoball - КОСОВО ЈЕ СРБИЈА!!


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