Voodooball (or Voodouball) is a native religion of Haiti-icon Haitiball. She's famous for zombies and voodoo dolls. She descended from Fetishism-icon Fetishismball mixed with Catholic-icon Catholicism and other religions, and is divided into two forms, Haitian Voodou and Louisiana-icon Louisiana Voodoo. 8-icon 8balls brought their traditions with them when taken to the Americas as slaves, thus creating Voodoo.

She believes in one God known as Bondye, but since this God is unreachable she instead communicates with different spirits known as Loa.

Not one to be crossed, as she knows forbidden techniques such as using voodoo dolls to stick pins in people or break their limbs, transporting the souls of people into possessed dolls, and turning people into zombies (or at least putting them in a death-like state using poison before making them slaves).