Waikatoball is a region of New Zealandball. There is currently 1 city and many different towns in Waikatoball


Waikatoball was born as a Maoriball, later adopted by British New Zealandball and then New Zealand-icon New Zealandball.



Aucklandball- Upper Brother but I'm jealous because of your urbanization.

Wellyball- Our capital and brother. I feel sad for you and my two sisters for protecting us from earthquakes.

Nurse Philippines- Thank you for all your hard working nurses in Waikato Hospital!

Fish and Chips Supplier-  mmm I love your fish and chips shops.



UKball- Adoptive Father but why did you not let us sign the Treaty?!?!  If you let us sign the treaty, we won't have Waikato wars. AND STILL WE HAVE THE PAIN OF THE BURNING OF THE SOUTH WAIKATO MARAE. AND ALSO, I NGA MOKAI KIRI E Song would not be so sad.

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