West Timorball is a separatist countryball in Southeast Asia born from the Great Timor movement.


West Timorball and his friend East Timorball were born as a united 7ball. Kingdom of Portugalball and United Kingdom of the Netherlandsball adopted/colonized the two parts then they split them in half.

At the time of the Indonesian National Revolution, West Timor became an outpost for Dutch Royalists. After the war, the Dutch monarch surrendered West Timor to Indonesiaball.

Nowadays, it wants to breakaway from Indonesiaball, but not with help from the British or Australians. Actually, no. Most of them are pro-Indonesian.


  • East Timor-icon.pngEast Timorball - You are good brother! sorry if Me and Indonesia-icon.png Dad Invades you, Also stop giving me Immigrants!
  • Indonesia-icon.pngIndonesiaball - Good Bapak! make me more richer than East Timor-icon.png Brother! but  REMOVE DKI RULE!!!



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