Almost Heaven, West Virginia.

Country Roads Take Me Home To The Place Where I Belong.... WEST VIRGINIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOUNTAIN MOMMA!!!!!!!!!
Denver-icon.png John Denver

Almost heaven, West Virginiaball mountain momma is a stateball in the eastern part of the countryball of USA-icon.png USAball.

He also loves to listen to country roads.


West Virginia is the child of Virginia-icon.png Virginiaball. When the American Civil War began, Virginiaball joined CSA-icon.png CSAball, while West Virginiaball, opposing slavery, broke away from Virginiaball in order to stay with the union. As the war went on, West Virginiaball became sad and lonely. After the war ended, Virginiaball reunited with USA-icon.png USAball. To this day, West Virginiaball and Virginiaball are temporary rivals. West Virginia can into memes with the song Country Roads.

West Virginiaball is also in a financial problem, but he refuses to agknowledge that.

How to draw

Like almost every US state, West Virginia is only a seal on a background:

  1. Draw the basic circle shape, with a blue border
  2. Draw the coat of arms of West Virginia in the center
  3. Wreathe it by Rhododendron and top it by a red ribbon with the black script WEST VIRGINIA
  4. Draw the eyes and you're finished.



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