Western European Unionball was a military alliance.

The Western European Union had 10 member countries, 6 associate member countries, 5 observer countries and 7 associate partner countries. On 14 June 2001, then-WEU President Solana stated that there was no foreseeable reason to change the status of the non member countries in the organisation.

Member countries: (modified Brussels Treaty – 1954)

All member countries of the WEUball were also members of both NATO-icon NATOball and the EU-icon EUball. These are the only nations that had full voting rights.

Observer countries: (Rome – 1992)

Observer countries were members of the EU-icon EUball, but not of NATO-icon NATOball .

Associate member countries: (Rome – 1992)

Associate membership was created to include the European countries that were members of NATO-icon NATOball but not of the EU-icon EUball. Associate members Poland-icon Polandball, the Czech-icon Czech Republicball, and Hungary-icon Hungaryball joined the EU-icon EUball in 2004.

Associate partner countries: (Kirchberg – 1994)

Countries that at the time were part of neither NATO-icon NATOball nor of the EU-icon EUball. All of the following nations joined both NATOball and the EUball by 2007.

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