Western Moghulistanball was a Historical Countryball and the son of Moghulistan-icon.png Moghulistanball.


Western Moghulistanball fought against his brother Moghulistan-icon.png Eastern Moghulistanball for throne after his father's death in 1462. He captured Aksuball from Moghulistan-icon.png Eastern Moghulistanball who then fled to Turpanball in 1469. Moghulistan-icon.png Eastern Moghulistanball was eventually taken over by his brother in 1472. Western Moghulistanball helped Kazakh Khanate-icon.png Kazakh Khanatebrick fight against the Uzbek Khanate-icon.png Uzbek Khanateball and Timurid Empire-icon.png Timurid Empireball. However in 1485, Uzbek Khanate-icon.png Uzbek Khanateball offered him Tashkent-icon.png Tashkentball from Timurid Empire-icon.png Timurid Empireball in exchange for Turkistanbrick (city). This made Kazakh Khanate-icon.png Kazakh Khanatebrick very angry who ended up defeating him. His brother, who became Moghulistan-icon.png Turpan Khanateball, left him and settled in the east where he fought against Ming-icon.png Mingball. After Uzbek Khanate-icon.png Uzbek Khanateball took Samarkandball in 1501, he went against Western Moghulistanball. He and his brother Moghulistan-icon.png Turpan Khanateball teamed up and advanced against Uzbek Khanate-icon.png Uzbek Khanateball, but were defeated at the Battle of Akhsi in 1503. In 1508, he got into another fight with Moghulistan-icon.png Turpan Khanateball over the throne and in response, Moghulistan-icon.png Turpan Khanateball invaded Western Moghulistanball and unfortunately took all if his clay. As a result, he fled to Arghun Dynastyball where Western Moghulistanball was helped by his brother who would later become Mughal-icon.png Mughalball. In 1512, Western Moghulistan eventually settled in Ferganaball. In May 1514, he invaded Dughlatball who served Moghulistan-icon.png Turpan Khanateball as a hereditary vassal ruler of several cities. Western Moghulistan took all of his clay and became Yarkent Khanate-icon.png Yarkent Khanateball.

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