Western Visayasball, also known as Region V1ball, is a regionball of Philippines-icon Philippinesball. Composed of six provinces, Antiqueball, Iloiloball, Aklanball, Capizball, Guimarasball and Negros Occidentalball.


Western Visayasball was born as a 1-icon 1ball, and then evolved into 1-icon (division) Kedatuan of Madja-asball and then was adopted by Spanish-Empire-icon Spanish East Indiesball. When 1-icon (indipendence) the Native Filipinos were set free from the Spaniards, He became a part of First Philippine Republicball, Tagalog Republicball, United States Philippinesball, Commonwealth of the Philippinesball, Second Philippine Republicball and then Philippinesball.

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