White Movementball was a countryball who wanted to destroy Communism-icon Communism in Russia-icon Russiaball, but he lost. He spent a few years making uprisings against Communismball but he failed.


In 1917, Russian-Empire-icon Russian Empireball had collapsed admits violent revolution as a result of its failures on the Eastern Front of World War I. He was succeeded by Russian Republic-icon Russian Republicball. He continued the war and received violent opposition from communist Russiaballs. This resulted in the government being overthrown and Russian SFSR (old)-icon Russian SFSRball was established and began to establish a new communist government, the world's first in the world. This angered many and soon White Movementball was born and began to mobilize to fight the communists. This triggered the Russian Civil War and White Movementball gained the support of Don Cossack-icon Kuban Cossack-icon Cossack fighters to help him fight off the Bolsheviks. In 1918, the Entente intervened and sent troops to help White Movementball regain control over Russia.

He managed to capture Siberia-icon Siberiaball and most of the country, but the Reds held onto the western parts of Russia and they continued fighting and put up an effective resistance. White Movementball would also aid the nations of Latvia-icon Latviaball and Estonia-icon Estoniaball in their fight for independence.





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