Blessed be!
— Wiccaball

Wiccaball is a New Age neopagan religionball, formed on UKball's clay in the early 20th century but borrowing from older traditions. She usually is into having nine thousand two gods, a Moon Goddess and a Horned God (totally not Satan), making her a duotheist/bitheist. However, when the mood strikes her she can also into believing in pretty much any deity she wants from any pagan religion, believing them to be aspects of the same Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. She has an eclectic belief system. This can sometimes make the other paganballs jealous. She loves telling the future with tarot cards and using magick (with a "k"), or energy work. Her main commandment is "Do as ye will, but harm none." She believes that everything you do, good or bad, will karmically come back to you three times. Though seen as evil by the other major religionballs, she believes heavily in not harming others.

Her pentacle symbol is upright, meaning it stands for the five elements, not Satan since his is upside down.

She might get more followers as a result of certain things.

How to Draw:

Draw Wiccaball is moderately easy:

  • Make a purple or dark-grey sphere.
  • Draw a black or yellow pentacle within a circle.
  • Draw the eyes, and you're finished.
  • Witch hat and broom are optional.


  • Paganball and other Penisismballs Paganismballs - Best friends, all part of her coven. They sometimes compete for her affection.
  • Unitarian Universalistball - Another good friend of hers. She likes that he's open-minded.
    Wiccaball meme

    Friends, family and enemies

  • Christianityball - Hates her and thinks she worships Satanball and performs human sacrifices (like every pagan religion that came before him, obviously).
  • Islamball - Same as the above, though he's even less tolerant of her.
  • Judaismcube - Believes in her magic(k), but thinks she's an evil idol-worshipper, and his Torah states she should be killed. Though, he's less likely to connect her with Satan.
  • Satanball - She doesn't believe in him, and he's not too bothered about her. Others insist there's a connection.
  • Atheismball - He might poke fun at her religion on occasion but he mostly leaves her alone and doesn't take her seriously, seeing her as little more than a Harry Potter role player. It helps that he sees her religion as much less repressive than monotheist ones, as she doesn't push her beliefs on others.
  • Voodooball - They have a lot in common, being misrepresented by the media and seen as evil by Christians and others.
  • Fluffbunny Wiccaball - Wiccaball's annoying little sister, who has only read one Silver Ravenwolf book and thinks she's a Wicca expert. She thinks her big sister is a snob, Wiccaball is ashamed of her.
  • Moonball - A symbol of the Goddess, Wiccaball enjoys her most when she is full.