Windsorball is a cityball at the very tip of southwestern Ontario-iconOntarioball, and the western end of Canada-icon Canadaball's "Corridor" rail line which connects it with Quebec Cityball and other cityballs in between.

His nicknames are "City of Roses" and "Automotive Capital of Canada".


Windsor-icon Windsorball, like many cityballs in Ontario-icon Ontarioball, was once inhabited by 3-icon 3balls before settlers from Europe came over. He was settled in 1749 and became a cityball in 1854.

The city is well known for being a major automotive manufacturer. And unlike his cross-border friend and neighbor Detroit-iconDetroitball, Windsor-icon Windsorball has a relatively low crime rate counting out all the recent drug cases, and is one of the safest places in Canada-icon Canadaball to live except the fact the entire city could be flooded by the Detroit river.

The Ambassador Bridge, which connects Windsor-icon Windsorball's clay to Detroit-icon Detroitball's, is one of the busiest border crossings between Canada-icon Canadaball and USA-icon USAball. He has a good junior hockey team, the Windsor Spitfires, which won the 2017 Memorial Cup championship over Erie-icon Erieball's Otters on home ice.


  • Detroit-icon Detroitball: Cross-border neighbor and friend, we're both into cars! But unlike him, my crime rate is much lower BEST COUSIN
  • Londonball: Friend up the road
  • Sarniaball: Great friend. Highway 40 connects him to me via the 401
  • Bramptonball: Loves flowers too, so I consider him a good friend

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