Wirtlandball is an internet based micronation de facto in Nauru-icon.png Nauruball.

It is also the easiest of any micronation to visit, as all one needs to do is click a link to it because it is located solely online.

And because it is only internet based, Wirtland has no physical land claims, making it currently the smallest micronation ever with a total area of 0 square miles.

Their currency is, of course, something like bitcoin. But at one point, they did sell gold and silver coins called the Wirtland Cranes. They are now kept by several collectors, and have a few coin news articles about them.

As of the start of January 2019, Wirtland has gained over 8,000 registered citizens to it. Their semi-official term for their citizens are "Witizens". (See what they did there?) But if that sounds too dumb for one, you can always just refer to them as Wirtlanders. They go by either one. They have even had a FOX News interview from Maryland-icon.png Maryland, starting up countless others for further countries to share international news reports about it.

"Thank you to all those countries!"

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