Wyomingball doesn't exist is a stateball of USA-icon.png USAball


He lives below Montana-icon.png Montanaball and located in the Rocky Mountains. It is the  most suicidal stateball in USAball, home to Yellowstone national park, and is highly conservative and it's clay is square shaped along with Colorado-icon.png Coloradoball.

He exists for now... But in the next 20 years or so, Wyomingball will make the largest ash fart in history that was made by his Yellowstone part of his body.

He is always worried about Yellowstone volcano, but little does he know that it won’t erupt again for at least another 100,000 years.

Wyomingball is the least populated state in all of USA-icon.png USAball, being just behind Vermont-icon.png Bernie WorldHold on to those precious cities...  

Wyomingball is known as the cowboy state.



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